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Your Crucible Is Calling

There is a secret to intimacy few people know and even fewer talk about: What burns a relationship down is the same fire that can sustain it. Without this knowledge, passion is doomed to fade away. 


It happens all the time. You meet, things start out hot and heavy, and before you know it, the connection cools down. Whether it’s the second date or a decade later, “real life” sets in. The excitement wanes, the butterflies evaporate, and all that’s left is familiarity, boredom, and a little resentment. Dissatisfied, you wonder if this is as good as it gets or if there’s something better “out there.” 


You, like many others, are freezing to death. And no amount of talking, therapy, or thrill-seeking will cure the common coldness. 


But what if it didn’t have to be this way? What if you could bring back the fiery passion you used to have? What if you never had to lose it in the first place? Almost every failing relationship suffers from the same malady, and the solution isn’t more conversation. It’s something far more dangerous.


Blending timeless spiritual wisdom and modern-day practices, this book will guide you into a love deeper than your imagination can take you. If you want a relationship that never goes cold, sex that feels more alive than the day you met, and a path to growing sexually and spiritually alongside your lover, it’s time to learn a new art. 


You can stoke those dying embers back to life. Love never has to grow stale, and passion never needs to end. Ever. If that sounds too good to be true, it’s only because no one ever taught you how to play with fire.

Behind the Yoga of Intimacy

An Ivan Polic Inner-view on the Yoga of Intimacy

with Londin Angel Winters and Justin Patrick Pierce

It is a rare experience to sit in front of a camera and feel as if your soul is being captured on film. Words cannot express the gratitude we have for the incredibly talented Ivan Polic and Mariana Polic. Thank you for your presence, patience and commitment to excavating the truth in our hearts.

Calm Sea



Join authors and intimacy teachers, Londin Angel Winters and Justin Patrick Pierce, for an immersive weekend of authentic intimate connection and spiritual growth.
Yoga of Intimacy is a high-end, private retreat for singles and couples, where 10 men and 10 women gather from around the world to explore the depths of intimacy, ecstasy, and sacred relating through safe, nonsexual partner practices.
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"Justin has impeccable wisdom, a deep compassionate heart and patience.
He is able to not only create, but hold, a safe container from which to
explore and deepen. His boundaries are flawless and
his pristine consciousness an incomparable gift.”

– Bella L.


SAND Magazine Interview with Justin Patrick Pierce


A teacher of intimacy, an author, and a leader of workshops for men, women, and couples, Justin Patrick Pierce helps us to shift the way we show up. But not just how we show up in relationships; how we show up in the world. How comfortable we are with intimacy shows itself in the ways we accept feedback at work, how we listen when a friend needs our advice, whether we pursue our dream job. Are we living our full potential? Are we showing up to every moment open, flexible, willing to get in flow with the current of life? In the first of many conversations to come, Pierce talks with us about masculinity and how connecting with it ultimately connects a man to his purpose and potential.

What ultimately led to your desire to teach a “new kind of masculinity”?


Masculinity isn’t new. And it isn’t old. If it’s understood, it’s timeless.


I never had a desire to teach masculinity. Over the years, I’ve found most of the men claiming to teach masculinity to be no different than any average man. They still struggle with women, relationships, sex, food, substances, money, and their life’s purpose all the same.


“Masculinity” is a controversial subject to teach. And with good reason. Who’s to say what’s “masculine” and what’s not? Who is the leading authority on the topic? Is it the U.S. military? A therapist with a concentration in gender studies? A chronically single “relationship expert”? A spiritual guru sourcing wisdom from thousand-year-old texts? Who is the authority on what “masculinity” means in our modern Western world?


Continue reading full interview…


Dr. David Bach
Founder of Optios

The work I’ve done with Justin has transformed and improved me beyond recognition.

Screen Shot 2021-05-30 at 12.51.20

Dave Burns
Coach & Angel Investor

Justin is, very simply, the best in the world at the two things he's devoted his life to: practicing and teaching the art of sacred intimacy.


Allison Harris
Spiritual Healer

Justin’s presence speaks volumes in terms of feeling safe, met, seen, held, protected, respected, honored, listened to, cared for, and uplifted.


Adam Quiney
Executive Mentor

Justin brings a depth of practice and embodiment that is, in itself, transformative. Simply by being with Justin, and the depth he's cultivated, you will transform.


John Wineland
Intimacy Teacher and
International Men's Coach

If you have an opportunity to learn from this unique man, jump on it. It will alter the direction of your life.


Michael Holt
Holistic Health and
Mindfulness Instructor

In my extensive exploration of self-development, spirituality, and yogic sexuality I have found it increasingly rare to encounter a teacher who actually lives what they claim to teach. Justin Patrick Pierce is such a rare teacher.



The missing link in getting what you want sexually.

The Law of Sexual Attraction

Increase your sexual vitality and prolong lovemaking.

How to transform anger and resentment into intimate attraction.

How should I handle my sexual urges when my partner does not want to have sex?

Is it OK for a man to be in his feminine?

Should I settle down or keep dating?

What is the impact of asking my partner to control her emotions?

The masculine role in relationship may surprise you.

Reality Riffing with Guru Jagat, Londin Winters & Justin Pierce

It was both an honor and a pleasure to be sharing the stage again with our friend and Kundalini phenom, Guru Jagat, for her Immense Grace: Love, Sex & Relationships Immersion in LA.

If you want to experience more joy, love and chemistry in your relationship, this is the episode for you. In Londin Angel Winters & Justin Patrick Pierce’s new book, The Awakened Woman’s Guide to Everlasting Love, they offer a roadmap for sustaining long-term passion and deepening in authentic connection. In this interview, you’ll learn the art & science of polarity — so you can attract the right partner and create the relationship of your dreams.

Gradient Ocean
by Londin Angel Winters & Justin Patrick Pierce

In today’s disconnected, distracted world, it seems like deep love gets harder to maintain every day. We spend more time looking at screens than at each other, cycle through new partners every time the spark starts to fade, and wall away our feelings until we become strangers who share a house and kids. But underneath all this, our souls long for an unbreakable love that deepens over time and lovemaking that gets hotter, not cooler, inside a lifetime commitment.

This bond we yearn for is not impossible. It’s not even improbable. You can create it in your life right now—intimacy that opens both you and your partner to a divine awakening you could not create on your own, lovemaking that curls your toes, and a partnership where both people champion each other’s best interests, and even the difficult moments bring you closer together. This is sacred relationship, and it’s already within your reach.

It exists in these pages. If you are seeking a resource for attracting sacred relationship, sustaining longterm passion and deepening in authentic connection (whether you’re single or in relationship!), you’re in the right place. The path within these pages will teach you how to have a long-term, sexy, passionate, deeply fulfilling relationship with a conscious partner who is as excited to be there as you are. Written by both a man and a woman who have been living and teaching these principles for a decade, this book is an owner’s manual for intimacy, a map for loving at the deepest level, and an invitation into sacred practice where divine connection becomes a part of everyday life.

Image by Krzysztof Kowalik



Author, intimacy teacher, and founder of the Yoga of Intimacy, Justin Patrick Pierce offers workshops and private training for men and women around the world to help them overcome challenges in relationship, master the embodiments of sexual polarity, and pursue a life of spiritual depth alongside their chosen partner. He and his life partner, Londin Angel Winters, are parents, passionate lovers, and co-authors of Playing With Fire: The Spiritual Path of Intimate Relationship and The Awakened Woman's Guide to Everlasting Love.


Justin and Londin have been studying and practicing sacred intimacy for more than a decade under the tutelage of world-renowned teachers. They educate men and women on spiritual and intimate development through a unique hands-on approach that prioritizes practicality over theory. 


Students of Justin and Londin truly learn what it takes to bring tangible change into their daily lives and relationships. Those who work with them enjoy a rare opportunity to learn from a real-life couple who have mastered the complex dynamics of modern relationships, turned the result into something beautiful and harmonious, and are experts at helping others do the same.


Yoga of Intimacy, Coed Weekend Intensives


Yoga of Intimacy is a high-end, private retreat for singles and couples, where 9 men and 9 women gather from around the world to explore the depths of intimacy, ecstasy, and sacred relating through safe, nonsexual partner practices.


If you are already in a relationship, come deepen your intimate connection, bring attraction back into the relationship, and grow spiritually alongside your partner. If you are single, this workshop teaches you how to attract the right partner for you and break free from what’s been holding you back from having the love you want. 

3-Month Mentorship Programs


Justin’s private Mentorship Program is for individuals or couples who want expert guidance down their path of discovering sacred intimacy. This is the best opportunity to work closely with Justin and get direct support in the areas of your life where you need it most.

Mentorships start with weekly 1-hour sessions available by phone, video conference or in-person. Clients can add on to their mentorship with additional sessions and have the option for private 3-hour couples’ intensives. Book a 30-minute exploration call with Justin to find out if this path is right for you.

Image by Krzysztof Kowalik

I help my clients stop repelling the love they want and begin to show up in a way that inspires the men in their lives to deepen, step up and behave more like a hero than a villain. 


The techniques I teach women put them back in control of creating the depth of love they crave. They allow these women to thrive inside of the sacred relationship I describe in my book.

The most important thing for any woman—single or in relationship—is to realize that she is actively creating her man to be either unconscious and untrustworthy or powerfully reliable and solid… depending on how she interacts with him.

This work is deep and best suited for a 3-month mentorship. I only take on a handful of clients at a time. If you’d like to explore whether a private mentorship is right for you, you can click here to book a 30-minute Exploration Call.

My mission is to help men and women manifest the love relationships they desire.

I’m the co-author of Amazon best-selling book, The Awakened Woman’s Guide To Everlasting Love. I wrote this book to offer women an alternative to the soul-gutting experience of failing in love dynamics again and again and again. The current landscape of dating and relationship can be brutal on the tender, feminine heart. I give my clients the information and embodiment transformation they need to shift their dynamic with men completely—to attract powerful men who have integrity, the kind of men who are willing to commit to a relationship and show up for it.

“Our spiritual maturity is measured by our ability to be loving in the darkest of moments and bring love to the darkest of places.”

Justin Patrick Pierce


John Wineland

“Justin is a rare breed of a teacher and practitioner in that he is both incredibly talented, but also precise and clear in his ability to communicate a myriad complex concepts.


He is a man dedicated to mastery and it shows in every undertaking, whether it be physical training, the yogic arts, energetic agility or leading men and women in intimacy. I am proud to learn from Justin and will continue to call him a friend, colleague and teacher as long as he will let me. If you have an opportunity to learn from this unique man, jump on it. It will alter the direction of your life.


Bella L.

“I am honored to have been working with this amazing man who has truly transformed my life in ways I could only have dared imagine. There is so much I could share, but in actuality the more significant thing is how I feel. My journey with Justin has been and continues to be profound. If you truly desire deeper intimacy and relationship skills you need go no further. Justin has impeccable wisdom, a deep compassionate heart, patience, and he is able to not only create but hold a safe container from which to explore and deepen. His boundaries are flawless and his pristine consciousness an incomparable gift. This continues to be the most amazing, healing journey, one I have longed and searched for all my life.


Allison Harris

“Justin’s presence speaks volumes in terms of feeling safe, met, seen, held, protected, respected, honored, listened to, cared for, and uplifted. He has the strongest, most gentle approach in handling the dynamics of the feminine flow. He knows himself well, very well, and as a result he knows how to work through the difficult experiences involved with healing the deepest of wounds, for both the masculine and feminine equally. He maintains a beautiful balance of ‘allowing the unfolding’ to take place, and trusting the outcome, however that may present itself. He has taught me that I can be ‘fully me’ in the presence of a man without performing. The Dance of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine has taken the stage, and Justin Patrick Pierce is a Master Choreographer—one who has my complete trust.


Josh S.

“After getting exposed to his work, my wife and I were hooked on the teachings. It had a profound effect on me as a man, husband, father and business owner. Powerful enough for me to ask Justin to create a custom workshop to teach my sales people the same masculine presence he teaches men in relationship workshops. The class delivered on everything as promised, at a level that amazed all of us. Every one of us played full out, and every one of us was deeply impacted. These men now understand and embody the correct posture, stillness of mind and full presence I was hoping for.


William Setchko

“There are few teachers nowadays that have seriously put their time in to master their craft into a powerhouse of value. Justin is one of those people. He combines his skill of the esoteric arts and functional science to illuminate your biggest closures, kinks, and where you just feel plain stuck. He then gives you practical tools specifically tailored to your goals. He is part shaman, part scientist, and part coach. If you are serious about looking at the parts of your life that are the scariest in a container that is impeccable, this is your man.


Leslie A.

“There are times in life when we have gone as far as we can go on our own and we need support to actualize the next vision we have for our lives. I found Justin at one of these times. Justin is a bold leader, and someone I look to for direction and support in my evolution. His guidance has felt like having someone who has already traveled the path, shine a flashlight for me to see what’s just ahead where I am now exploring. I am especially appreciative for the safe and strong container that is created in his presence. I have no doubt that each time, I will be met with deep listening, genuine compassion for my confusions, and very clear, insightful reflection and suggestions. This is the kind of work one does when really big changes are desired in life, and Justin is the kind of person one finds support from on such a transformative journey!


Dr. David Bach

“The work that I’ve done with Justin has transformed and improved me beyond recognition.


Christopher Sunyata

“Justin teaches from his personal depth, which enables him to see into a person with uncanny precision. He provides clear, concise direction on how to embody the changes you desire in your body, mind and relationships. The transformation in my body from working with him, even after a few months, was astonishing. Justin is incredibly effective at what he does, and he works real magic with his clients. As I have continued to work with him over the years, I have found myself in awe and gratitude for having the opportunity to benefit from his expertise in fitness, intimacy, and energetic arts.


Stephanie C.

“Justin supports me with the perfect balance of freedom and guidance. His uncanny ability to determine which serves me most in the moment is a rare and treasured gift. And as a woman intent on creating her king, his wisdom is priceless.


Steve S.

“Working with Justin quite literally changed my life. In working through specific exercises in purpose, intimacy, and fitness, I saw radical changes in how I view my existence on this planet. He helped me clarify on a much deeper level what my purpose actually is (something that I previously thought I had figured out). Once I added clarity to my purpose, I was given the tools necessary to align my goals, actions, and practices with that purpose. Working with Justin has been one of the most profound experiences of my life.


Dennis D.

“My experience with Justin has been absolutely life changing. Not only have I seen tremendous improvement in strength and appearance, but I also feel more grounded and connected to my higher self and my higher purpose.


Jason F. Smith

“As I have sought to deepen my understanding of the world and myself: bodily, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually… Justin continually, quietly, and without fanfare, points me to the key that unlocks the next level of my growth. Always oriented toward serving the world by opening hearts and taking people deeper, he gifts me with little offerings and occasionally with a gentle shove. If you are willing, and make your intent clear, Justin will guide you to heretofore unknown horizons. It takes faith; it takes risk; but if you want it… he lays out a breadcrumb trail of keys that unlock all the gates of your reality.


Book a 30-minute exploration call with Justin to discover if this path is right for you.

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