A Real Woman - Spoken Word Poetry

In times like these, we are reminded that art is a powerful medicine. It brings us together, even when we're apart. It transports us to other places. And it reminds us that life is beautiful and always worth living.

Tonight, I'm sharing a poem that I wrote and recorded several years ago on the subject of sex, relationship and the humbling failures we face when trying to touch the Divine. Parental advisory: explicit lyrics.

A Real Woman by Justin Patrick Pierce

There’s a woman on top of me

A real woman, you know what I mean?

A woman who knows herself

With the most authentic sense of reality

Not some little girl

With all the tricks and the furls

With little to no concept

Of the real fucking world

I’m talking about a real woman

A woman who drips viperous sexuality

A woman who demands my everything

Who questions my morality

A woman who accepts nothing less

Than my complete totality

Who demands my presence

And every last drop of my spirituality

Who reminds me daily

Of my own mortality

Yeah, she’s on top of me

Her presence demanding me present

Her breath demanding me full

Her fierce demanding me descent

Her dance demanding me still

Tense, jaw clenched

Come on self, ease up you little bitch

Eyeballs fixed

Struggling to find that deep down breath

Stillness, silence...

Catch her gaze the second she opens her eyelids

Patiently waiting for that moment to arrive

So I can steal her breath

And match its tempo to mine

So I can breathe down her front

And back up her spine

And just with that

That’s what a real woman’s about

Most men couldn't hang

And would've already tapped out

But, nah, that ain’t me

I’m in for the long haul

I wanna see, I need to know

Where all of this passion goes

She slides on my dick

More moist than an oil slick

I can feel her pussy pulsing

God damn, I'm losing my shit

She’s got me in convulsions

Thrusting and grinding

Oceans exploding

Bouncing and sliding

Five minutes in

And these waters uncharted

Funny thing is

She ain’t even got started

My grip slips off the small of her back

Sweat drips off the back of her neck

Get a firm ass grip

Hold tight on that mound

You can feel the walls shaking

As our two bodies pound

Thighs straddling mine

Her toes curling with the shape of her spine

Arching her back like a Phoenix flying

Screaming into the night

Passion fire rising

Twisted in tears, crying ecstatic

Expressing both hatred and fear

Heart pounding erratic

She’s riding my edge

Breaking the springs in my bed

Spitting venom and writhing

Like a hundred foot snake

Choking prey till it’s dying

There it is again

That moment of bliss

That deep void

Lost inside of this trance

That sweet, sweet moment

That moment of bliss

I can taste it on her lips

I can feel it in her kiss

That purest moment

That moment of bliss

Where the entire world

Ceases to exist

It's like that fix when those junkies peak

It’s that nirvana that those seekers seek

It’s that samadhi that those Hindus speak

It’s that salvation that those preachers preach

We don’t need teachers, gurus or guides

We don’t need scriptures, stories, metaphors or lies

We don’t need a house

A car or even kids to survive

All I need is this moment

And you, my life, my love

My partner and opponent

My ball and chain

My spite, my hate

My twin flame

My ten-thousand pound weight

My sworn enemy and my best friend

My partner in crime to eternity’s end

I hate you

I love you

This moment is bliss

Snap back to the present

Eyes lock once again

Don’t you dare look away

Don’t you even think about it

Once more it goes still

Before it starts all again

Heavy and pure

This moment of Zen

Subtle body on subtle body

Touch better than silk

Caressed by her eternal essence

Soothed like warm milk

Swelling and pouring

Her tsunami flowing

Love, hate, peace, rage

Thrusting, lusting, pleasure and pain

Every feeling that you’ve ever emoted

Balled up inside of this single moment

A feeling so good

You want to squeeze it and hold it

Grasp it and own it

Command and control it

And just as you feel her

Start to move slower

You pray to the gods

It'll never be over

Eyes locked with devotional persistence

Souls intertwined in the peripheral distance

Relax your mind and just be the witness

Anything you can do to assist coexistence

And here comes that tremble

Violent and awesome

Lights blinking red

Approaching with caution

That fire ignites

Like napalm explosions

Body scorched

And on the brink of exhaustion

Feeling inside

The whole length of her spine

Prying her thighs

Third eye opens wide

Just as we peak

Just before we cum

Just before the nectar of the gods

Touches the tip of my tongue

Just as my eyes disappear

And all becomes one

Just as the fires of Hell

Fill my body and lunges

Explosions of light

Fill the backs of my eyes

Sounds and sensations

Coming from every which side

Aww, fuck!

... I just lost it.

Written and recorded in 2016 by Justin Patrick Pierce

Dedicated to my partner and opponent