You are the Alpha and the Omega.

Consciousness & Light

Before time existed, there was only that which we may never understand. Then, there was an explosion of light that gave birth to darkness. The chaos of illuminated life force that spilled out across space-time was given structure by the unseen. The primary polar forces coalesced in a dance that brought about balance between consciousness and light, from which, we were born.

You are consciousness. You are love’s light.

When we look at our lives through the lens of polarity, we discover the inherent balance of nature in all things. Polarity determines that which we attract, and that which we repel, in our relationships and our professional lives. Through greater understanding of this natural law, we may wield the principle of polarity like a compass that guides us, moment-to-moment, in our pursuits of purpose and love.

What are you seeking?


You may be inspired to make art out of your life, and not even know it. When you can sense a deep purpose for something more rising within you, aching to be born; or when you can feel that deep yearning for a fiery passionate relationship, beyond casual connection, that’s when you know you are ready–ready to stop living just to get by, and to start making art out of your life. Sometimes all that is required is our willingness to show up to the moment–to actively choose to love in a moment; to actively choose to pursue our life’s deepest purpose in a moment; to actively choose to make art out of our lives in a moment. If you are inspired to make art out of your life, I would be honored to be your guide.


Making the transition from student to teacher is a humbling endeavor. A masterful practitioner does not always make a masterful teacher, and vice versa. It may be the same body of water, but it’s an entirely different ocean. A new set of skills are required: new ears, new eyes, new mind. Whether you are a veteran coach or just making the transition into a new career, an outside perspective is required to excel beyond your own limitations. I offer my clients over a decade of experience in building successful coaching businesses. If the day has come that you’ve found yourself inspired to give the wisdom that was given to you, back to the world, I would be honored to be your mentor.


If you are a coach, an author, a speaker, a teacher, or a leader in your own right, I consider you an artist. Your body and voice are the instruments; your words and messages are the colors; and your purpose is the frame. No matter the aeon of time, being a true artist is challenging—arguably, one of the most challenging ways one could choose to live their life. I never lose sight of this truth. To the best of my ability, I creatively and practically guide my clients to help them see their genuine vision come to fruition in this lifetime–with authenticity and integrity being the path that takes us there. If you are a coach, an author, a speaker, a teacher, or leader in your own right, I would be honored to guide you to your life’s greatest work.

The compasses that guide your path.

One of my primary teaching methods is the use of maps. A map will help an individual identify where they are, see where they intend on going, and show them how to get there. A life absent of intention is a life without direction. It is not a matter of success, personal gain or even progress that defines a life well-lived—it is the perfect alignment between intention and action that assures one knows who they are, where they are, and where they are going—awakening to the inherent truth: I am consciousness. I am love’s light.

The Purpose Compass

The Purpose Compass is one of many tools Justin has designed to help his clients navigate from where they are to where they intend on going. In the cultivation of Alpha, an individual seeks clarity, alignment around deepest purpose, and ultimately, the realization of absolute freedom in body-mind and spirit. A life perfectly aligned with deepest purpose is reserved for those who overcome the circumstances of survival, motivate beyond the trappings of impotence, and aspire beyond the comforts of complacence. To courageously pursue that which awaits us behind the veil of fear, shrouding our deepest purpose, is the sole experience that separates those who have lived fully and those who have not.

The Love Compass

The Love Compass helps us navigate a complimentary, yet reciprocal path of surrender, that guides us towards the embodiment of unconditional love. In the cultivation of Omega, an individual seeks congruence, awakening divine wisdom through perfect union with creation, ultimately to recognize self as the incarnation of love’s light. A life perfectly aligned with love is reserved for those who overcome the illusion of isolation, vulnerably open beyond the closures of apathy and resentment, and courageously express their heart’s truth despite the outcome. To pursue that which awaits us behind the veil of fear, shrouding our true essence of unconditional love, is the awakening that separates those who have loved fully and those who have not.


Dennis D.

“My experience with Justin has been absolutely life changing. Not only have I seen tremendous improvement in strength, fitness and appearance, but I also feel more grounded and connected to my higher self and my higher purpose.”

Dr. David B.

“The work that I’ve done with Justin has transformed and improved me beyond recognition.”

Dr. Stephen B.

“My personal objectives were to advanced both my physical and spiritual capacities. I know of no other body of work that is able to blend the two as effectively as Justin does.”

Josh S.

After getting exposed to his work, my wife and I were hooked on the teachings. It had a profound effect on me as a man, husband, father and business owner. Powerful enough for me to ask Justin to create a custom workshop to teach my sales people the same masculine presence he teaches men in relationship workshops. The class delivered on everything as promised, at a level that amazed all of us. Every one of us played full out, and every one of us was deeply impacted. These men now understand and embody the correct posture, stillness of mind and full presence I was hoping for.”

John W.

“Justin is a rare breed of a teacher and practitioner in that he is both incredibly talented, but also precise and clear in his ability to communicate a myriad complex concepts. He is a man dedicated to mastery and it shows in every undertaking, whether it be physical training, the yogic arts, energetic agility or leading men and women in intimacy. I am proud to learn from Justin and will continue to call him a friend, colleague and teacher as long as he will let me. If you have an opportunity to learn from this unique man, jump on it. It will alter the direction of your life.”

Steve S.

“Working with Justin quite literally changed my life. In working through specific exercises in purpose, intimacy, and fitness, I saw radical changes in how I view my existence on this planet. He helped me clarify on a much deeper level what my purpose actually is (something that I previously thought I had figured out). Once I added clarity to my purpose, I was given the tools necessary to align my goals, actions, and practices with that purpose. Working with Justin has been one of the most profound experiences of my life.”

William S.

“There are few teachers nowadays that have seriously put their time in to bloom their craft into a powerhouse of value. Justin is one of those people. He combines his skill of the esoteric arts and concrete, functional science to illuminate your biggest closures, kinks, and where you just feel plain stuck. He then gives you practical tools and exercises to specifically tailored to your mission and objectives.  He is part Shaman, Scientist, Magician, and Trainer. If you are serious about looking at the parts of your life that are the scariest in a container that is impeccable, this is your man. I highly recommend him.”

Christopher S.

“Justin teaches from this personal depth, which enables him to see into a person with uncanny precision. He provides clear, concise direction on how to embody the changes you desire in your body, mind and relationships. The transformation in my body from working with him, even after a few months, was astonishing. Justin is incredibly effective at what he does, and he works real magic with his clients. As I have continued to work with him over the years, I have found myself in awe and gratitude for having the opportunity to benefit from his expertise in fitness, intimacy, and energetic arts.”

Chris G.

“Justin offers no B.S. coaching that takes advanced concepts, distills them, and then incorporates them into a straightforward, step-by-step progression that will surely take you to your edge. The dust is still settling for me, but what I can say about Justin is that he has shifted my ideas about physical training, purpose and what is means to be a man in our present time. Justin’s passion for this work is clear, powerful and infectious. In short, he embodies what he preaches.

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